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Freedom Wall by Thefreedomfighters Freedom Wall by Thefreedomfighters
*second edit*
After re-arranging some of the names, I realized it knocked the alignment of the star out of line. That is now fixed.

A few minor edits in the deviation... I removed Che Guevara in favor of the Résistance Française and fixed my misspelling of one of the names from "Stoakley" Carmichael to "Stokely" Carmichael. Also, I noticed some of the links don't work, so I'm fixing those as well. To accomodate the changes I've made, I had to shift around the order of the names... I switched Raul Castro and Fred Hampton, switched Résistance Française (formerly Ernesto Guevara) and Eldridge Cleaver, and H. Rap Brown and Farabundo Martí.

---------------------------------------- ----------------------

Let this be my response to the inactivity note. By the way I'm ~r3s3nt

Everyone and everything on there is or is related to a fight for freedom somewhere in the world. We like call ourselves freedom fighters. Perhaps we should set the parameters as to what a "freedom fighter" is.

Starting from the top, going left to right:

Battle of Algiers
American Indian Movement
Huey P. Newton
Cuban Revolution
Pancho Villa
Palestinian Liberation Organization
Salvador Allende
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
Weather Underground
Black Panther Party
Irish Republican Army or Provinsional Irish Republican Army
Martin Luther King, Junoir
Bobby Sands
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Leonard Peltier
Benjamin Franklin
Vladimir Lenin
Stokely Carmichael
Ho Chi Minh
Fidel Castro
Angola Three
Fred Hampton
Students for A Democratic Society
Bayard Rustin
Michael Collins
Chicago Seven
Yassir Arafat
Abbey Hoffman
Bobby Seale
Haymarket Riot
Amadou Diallo
Paris Commune
Raul Castro
A.C. Sandino
Abiodun Oyewole
Tom Paine
John Brown
Warsaw Uprising
Algerian War of Indepence
Muslin Mosque, Inc.
Nelson Mandela
Angela Davis
Leon Trotsky
Desmond Tutu
Thomas Hayden
Harvey Milk
Long March
Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional
Hugo Chavez
Wat Tyler
Mahmoud Abbas
Vaclav Havel
Karl Marx
Frederick Douglass
Abdel Kadir
Gerry Adams
Gabriel Prosser
Mordechai Vanunu
William Lloyd Garrison
National Liberation Front Algeria
Nat Turner
Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
Sinn Féin
Albert Parsons
Robin Hoods
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Mat Tran Giai Phóng Mien Nam Viet Nam
Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
Storming of the Bastille
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Jesse Jackson
Boris Yeltsin
Mao Tse-Tong
Benjamin Spock
Philip Berrigan
Daniel Berrigan
T.E. Lawrence
Thabo Mbeki
Jesus Christ
Movimiento Popular de Libertação de Angola
José Eduardo dos Santos
Victor Jara
Susan B. Anthony
Lucretia Mott
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
August Spies
Robert Mugabe
Joshua Nkomo
Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca
El Mozote
José Napoleón Duarte
Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional
Schafik Handal
Zhou Enlai
Marinus van der Lubbe
Sun Yatsen
Frederich Engles
Frantz Fanon
Marcus Garvey
Patrick Henry
Samuel Adams
José Martí
Simón Bolívar
Jean-Paul Marat
Mikhail Bakunin
Andrés Bello
Mirabal sisters
Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Abimael Guzmán
Li Dazhao
Mohamed Ahmed Ben Bella
Chen Duxiu
Peter Kropotkin
Francisco de Miranda
Rosa Luxemburg
H. Rap Brown
Simón Rodríguez
Thomas Sankara
Résistance Française
Farabundo Martí
Tulia 46
Geranimo Pratt
George Jackson
Eldridge Cleaver
Ralph Nader

Read about 'em.

The sillhouettes from left to right:

Vladimir Lenin, Huey P. Newton, Michael Collins, Palestinian Liberation Organization member, A.C. Sandino, and a Greek guerilla.
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OseanSoldier Featured By Owner Edited Oct 16, 2015
You definition of freedom sure includes a crud ton of communists, mass murderers, terrorists, and in general enemies of freedom.
alexraymond006 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
@Thefreedomfighters you have not add Quebec Liberation Front :\
SylkunGraphX Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012

You wrote Martin Luther King "Junoir" instead of "Junior". ;)
Mudkipy Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
SO theres no che guevara :( ? but why D:
Mudkipy Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
nvm , i see the reason why(now that i read the comments) , the only reason i really ever liked Che is because of his military prowess during the cuban revolution , kinda like how i see Stalin was a great leader despite what he did (seriously ,the man was pretty ahead of everybody else and got his country to become a world power) too bad it turned bad when he left :<
the-funny-kid Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Really nice! I like the idea of ones "terrorist" being anthers freedom fighter. I totally agree :) (I also believe in it being the other way around in some cases, unfortunatly...)
jtpnv274 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2009
cool. it has Vietnamese too :D
ModalMechanica Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
Nice work, although I don't agree with a few of them. Its still nice work. Oh I don't know how much a red star represents "freedom" but whatever.
Dizzyfool Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2008
Interesting piece
awesomedaisy27 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2007   Artisan Crafter
Uh, tell me I didn't just see Karl Marx. Last time I checked, he invented communism.
Pirato Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Where's Al Sharpton
blackmondae Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2007
You left out Che guevara, he is my hero :)
blackmondae Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2007
You left out Che guevara, he is my hero :)
glunkaglunkaclank Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2006   Digital Artist
WOW, you ovbiously put alot of effort into that. thats really great.
pojems Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2006
There are people on the list and in that star that some souls would not regard in any way as a freedom fighter and there are others that some simply do not believe in.

Let us start with Jesus Christ. Of course there is dispute over his existence and his religion and his bible, but the cool part about my point is that it doesn’t matter if he physically lived or not and it doesn’t matter what your personal feelings are about Christianity. The fact is that Christ (whether he is real or not) has affected the world and continues to affect the world for two THOUSAND years. A LOT of stuff has been done in the name of Christ. Some could claim he is the soul reason for hundreds of wars and thousands of terrible acts (what with the whole divine monarch thing.) Others could claim that “the one and only savior just wants peace on earth and in men, that he loves you even if you don’t love him, that he is nothing but peace and love, PEACE AND LOVE!” Christ exists if not in any other way then simply in the actions of his followers. So even if you do not believe in the Christian faith, millions of others do and they do horrible and great things for his cause. They liberate countries and fly off to dangerous places to help in his name ...and they also touch little boys. But you get my point. Now here is another point.

It is interesting that Mao, responsible for millions of deaths, hangs there immortalized, while there is Marx, that heavy bearded, naive philosopher, sequestered by his side. Both men connected in one philosophy and yet completely different in the execution of that philosophy. I do not believe Mao to be a freedom fighter in general (which is beside the point), but specifically in this case because though millions died leaping forward, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are left out because of another horrible act, slavery. How can you pick and choose which action is worse and then based upon your feeling deny them freedom-fighter status for it? I do not agree with slavery or murder and my personal belief is that Mao is not in any way a freedom fighter, that George Washington (as twittering and slave ridden as he is) and Thomas Jefferson (even with all his condemning atrocities) are indeed Freedom Fighters. To clarify, I am not asking Mao be taken off the list, as that would be hypocritical of me, I am asking however that the two founding fathers, whose names have tired out my fingers as I have repeatedly typed them, be up there, despite their flaws, just like Mao and a huge chunk of other humans on that list and in that star.
Isla-Heredia Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
the same happens with euskadi ta askartasuna, they aren't freedom figthers, their politic was, for a long, long time, shoot the head of everybody doesn't think like them and this is one of the "ideas" since the fall of franquism and the arriving of the democracy to spain.

Now they has change (everybody want) his politic an they are trying a diplomatic exit for them.
TheShadeOfScottBrown Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2006  Student
yea...osama never killed anyone. that was our own government.
but the new black panthers dude is kinda crazy. malik shabaaz or whoever. the black panthers shouldn't be counted as freedom fighters, cuz they don't fight anymore. the US gov. killed their leaders, threw a bunch in jail and beat the hell out of alot of black folk to make sure they'd turn into the freedom prancers we see today. unless they still run shit outside the camera view.]

kevis Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006
some names debatable there :P

but on the whole most excellent

trying to draw parallels between Che and Bin Laden is ridiculous...
ericambros Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2005
I hardly agree with a lot of people on the list being freedom fighters. I'm sure they might see themselves as freedom fighters, but as winston churchill once put it, "history will be kind to me, for i intend to write it." But also, it wasnt made for everyone to agree with. Nice concept to say the least though.
ozzybozz Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
That is awesome!!!!!! :+fav:
Bearded-Monkey Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2005
(Shake my head) where did you get the time to do that?? Your either unbelivably commited, or a very lonely man!! I personaly think its the second one.

Seriously though the wallpapers awsome:jawdrop:
delatorre Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2005
Awesome. But... ETA it's not a freedom fighter. It was in the Franco and post-Franco's times 1939-1980. Now it has no sense, they kill for nothing. It's not like the EZLN. :(
pigsinzen Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2005
dude! how could you remove Che...he is the most iconic revolutionalist there there such a word? any way...when any one sticks up a big red star or a rasied can't help but think about Che Guevara...i just think its a shame you had to drop him...
Palestinian-Pride Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005
man i just LOVE THIS, im from Jenin you see.....

and BTW " wa alaykom il salam "

we need more people like you on this site ! keep up the good work !
eLKaeR Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2005   Writer
Right... but what about heroes like Giuseppe Garibaldi, Thaddeus Kosciuszko and Casimir Pulaski?
r3s3nt Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2005   Writer
I almost had Garibaldi on there...

there are many many hundreds of people like this... it's hard to get them all in on one piece... that's why I made a second and am planning a third and fourth and possibly fifth. They'll get on there, trust me.
mrflanagan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
It was a good job... Util I read "Euskadi Ta Askatasuna".

Don't be fooled by some fascists who use the red colour but the nazi mentality. Since its origin in the dictatorship, they have changed their targets... Now they kill people, separatist, non-separatist and non-connected with the basque situation (basically, thay make terrorist attaks with random innocent victims to claim "We are still alive"). Our democracy isn't fully real, but the fucking murders of random people aren't needed to shout "Revolution!" and show your ideas (at least for the moment).

I don't wan to censure your work (sorry if I sound conservative, it isn't my intention!), I coincide with you in the majority of the names you've put, but I thought that a closer view of that people would be useful.


(PS: I'm spanish and mostly anarchist)
r3s3nt Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2005   Writer
I admit to not knowing as much about the ETA as I should...
I dunno... I suppose I tend to support Basque independence more than the methods they use to gain it.
I might not have minded what they do during Francisco... I don't know...
I'll read more about it, I'm sure that you're right.

To be honest, I'm glad somebody else knew about them.

Thanks for the comment. :)
mrflanagan Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2005
I agree with the basque independence too, but maybe I'm too pacifist.

I think I'm going to read and investigate more about the names you have posted that I less know.

Good job anyway :)

r3s3nt Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2005   Writer
Thanks, and thanks for the free education.

SrVnDaNK Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2005
r3s3nt, STOP LISTENING TO Antitheist! Ernesto "Che" Guevara has to be on the list. He was a TRUE freedom fighter. 90% of the people on that list were at some point responsible for someones death. Che should be first on the list. If anyone should be removed it's Mahmoud Abbas, because he's just a rich beaurocrat that in my opinion, will set the PLO's cuase back decades (profit/bride driven). Ask anyone in Latin America, Che belongs on this wallpaper. BTW, can you submit a higher resolution version of this wallpaper?
silentlydrowning Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004   Writer
I think this is going to bring me to tears.....may the fight continue! What a great piece!
ernestoguevara Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
JEBUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats awsome
Antitheist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
it's times like these I realize that I don't know shit. Amazing work, simply amazing.
Antitheist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
wait, if you have Che, where's Osama bin Laden?
r3s3nt Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004   Writer
I know the arguments against Che... most of them I've heard from you (indeed, I was expecting you to raise this point)...
I understand the contempt for Che as well, and you make good arguments against him. Also, I hate the fact that he's so popularized to a bunch of morons who don't realize that he was responsible for many deaths. At the same time, I dare not exclude him from this list. If you take note of the description, I said that these are people and things related to a fight for freedom somewhere in the world. Like him or not, Che was, at least at one point in his life, a freedom fighter. Now, on the other hand, you could make the argument, as you seem to, that OBL was at one point a freedom fighter, just as Mousillini, just as Stalin... maybe you notice the absence of Thomas Jefforson and George Washington... they were most definately freedom fighters, the only reason they're not on there is that they owned slaves. So why do those people's vices keep them off of the list and Che gets to be on?
I battled with myself for a good time deliberating whether or not to put him on... I put that off until the end, which is why he's at the bottom. In the end, I felt it would be unjust to have Fidel and Raul Castro on and not Che..
Also, remember that you don't have to agree with everyone or everything on the list... I don't. If you'll note, a number of the people on the list contradict each other. Lenin, Marx, and Trotsky to Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad, for instance. Traditional communist philosophy involves athieism (which is not something I endorse, personally). Then you have MLK and Ghandi... the non-violent activists... side-by-side with Generals such as Mao and Li Dazhou.
Samuel Adams was a veritable terrorist as well... he lead the Sons of Liberty, who were classified by the British government as terrorists... they burnt British buildings and murdered British tax collectors.
If issue is taken with Che, then I may as well throw out the whole thing. Life is not as black and white as we would wish.
EphemeralFemininity Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2005
You are truly amazing. Such a wealth of knowledge. There are so many things that are debatable on this list, but as you said, like it or not, they are there. Though I noticed only a handfull of women on this list. Rosa Parks, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Jane Hunt, Mary Ann McLintock, Martha C. Wright. The NWSA (National Women's Suffrage Association) Are some of the many women that are not recognized, other than that, I do believe you did a great job.
r3s3nt Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2005   Writer
There need to be more women, you're absolutely correct. And I did notice this when I was making it. The problem was that I couldn't name nearly as many women as I should like. After I made it, I realized some that I left off, such as Andrea Dworkin, but comparatively I'm more ignorant on womens' issues than I should be, and I regret it.
It just shows how sexist our society is still that even among controversial radicals, women get so little notice... that even in studying such people, so few get recognition - and when they do, rarely is it the recognition that is due.

Thanks for the comment and for noticing the lack of women... I'm glad someone is paying attention.
EphemeralFemininity Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2005
Well as I am a feminist, I tend to notice these things. I think you did a wonderful job, and the women that did make that list more than deserve the recognition. The names that I gave you are just a few that I know of, and I've recently thought of one more, Betty Friedan. This is such a great piece and I love how you put the links of there for everyone to learn about who these people were/are. I myself learned alot from this. Thank you again.
Antitheist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
i wouldn't say mussolini and stalin were freedom fighters in any regard, but i do believe that if che was a freedom fighter, then so is OBL.
Poncho-Juju Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2005
Che Guevara didn't use similar tactics as Osama Bin Ladin. He was fighting with guerillas ; and mostly against the military forces, be it in Cuba or in Bolivia, for instance. These guerillas were mostly fought under the traditional war outlook ; that is to say, occasional sabotage or attacks, but on the other hand, no attack specifically targetted on civilians such as what terrorists do, or what Osama Bin Ladin did, planning he attacks on the WTC.
Che Guevara would be closer to French Resistance, as ~r3s3nt said, or to someone like commandant Massoud, than to Osama Bin Ladin (unless you only consider him as a force against the USSR occupation of Afghanistan).
Antitheist Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2005
i wasn't trying to villianize che (even though i don't like him) i was exalting Osama.
pojems Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2006
Why would you exalt Osama. Please note i am not trying to start an argument, i'm just curious...
Antitheist Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2006
because he fights for what he believes in and doesn't rely on state power in order to get things done.
(1 Reply)
Poncho-Juju Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005
Exalting Osama? That's original.
r3s3nt Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004   Writer
Ok, Mousillini wasn't...
but before he became the evil, blood thirsty tyrant he is remembered for, Stalin was a freedom fighter just as Lenin...
I'll tell you what...
I was just looking at it and realized that I left off the French Resistance in WW2, I'll take out Che and put the French Resistance in, acceptable?
Antitheist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
no need to change it. i just like OBL.
r3s3nt Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004   Writer
hah... I already did, no worries.. I wanted the French Resistance in there anyway.
rathless Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
I am with but then again the groups icon does have Che in it also.
smashedupsanity Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004   Interface Designer
Awesome. Just totally awesome.
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